Company Profile

In today's rapid advancement of technology and globalization era, fast, simple and reliable are becoming new standard in money transfer services. The major factor to the presence of money transfer organization is the growing of demand to overseas expatriates employed around the world to send money back to their near and dear ones. Therefore we made an effort give an answer to public demand on alternative transfer money service beside the formal banking system.

Speed Remit is registered in United Kingdom, has a global home remittance web-based money transfer service, under the brand name of SPEED REMIT MONEY TRANSFER, catering to the diversified needs of expatriate populations. Having its marketing base in the UAE also helps the company to grow and reach out easily to the rest of the world, due to the country's strategic position on the world map.

Speed Remit Worldwide Limited

(Formerly ARY Forex Ltd), registered in United Kingdom in 2001 and operational from 2004. Ever since then, has expanded its network across the globe in leaps and bounds. Speed Remit is a web based global money transfer service which caters to the expatriates requirements of sending money back to their families for daily maintenance, medical, education, tourism etc.


Maintaining a long term relationship with the customer by providing value for money and services.

Maintaining a mutually rewarding business partnership.

Maintaining a working environment that promotes excellence towards a more motivated and empowered human resources.


To be the most preferred global money transfer company by redefining convenience in speed, security, service and innovation.

Product & Services

Money Transfers

Our money transfer facility enables you or your beneficiaries to receive your remittances anywhere in the world at highly competitive rates within 24 - 48 hours, through the extensive network of our correspondent banks and selected agents worldwide.

We Offer The Following Money Transfer Facilities:

Bank to Bank

Money can be transferred to an account with a bank in any country through our correspondent in the same country or in another country.

Pay On Demand

Money can be sent to an individual / corporate in any country for payment on demand at our correspondent bank's / agent's office

Advice & Pay

Money can be sent to an individual / corporate in any country for payment under intimation to them through our correspondent bank / agent at their location

Door to Door Payment

Money can be sent to an individual / corporate in any country for payment at their location / premises through our correspondents based at these locations.

* Pay on Demand, Advise & Pay, Door to Door-Cash Payments, etc. are available for selected countries only.

Online Remittance Products

Bank Transfer - RTGS/NEFT Instant Credit to any of the 100000+ bank branches across India with more than 100+ Partner Banks

Bank Credit to Indonesia.


This product enables any pre-registered individual or corporate to conveniently send remittances online or request other financial transactions from the comfort of their home or office, or even while traveling. This product is safe, secure and available round the clock.

Express Remittances for Instant Cash Payments

Instant Transfers

Instant Transfer - South East Asian Countries This is another product to send money within minutes to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Nepal. Payouts are effected within minutes.

Instant Transfer (IT) inside U.A.E. Due to vast agent network of Speed Remit, customer has a choice to send or receive money within minutes at any of our partner outlets.

Payouts are made to the beneficiaries against their valid U.A.E. identity card

Speed Padaala

Speed Remit offers Smart Money Transfer for quick transfer of funds to Philippines via text. Transactions are guaranteed, safe and secure. It is a faster and cheaper way of remitting cash from a sender abroad to the cell phone of a beneficiary in Philippines. No Bank accounts or credit cards needed.

Ancillary Services

Loyalty Programs

Points system

Speed Remit offers Loyalty points for every remittance sent from their partner locations across the globe. These points could be redeemed with a host of gifts available with Speed Remit. Points are allotted for every transaction conducted at any of our partner locations @ 1 point for every dollar spent on charges.

Corporate Business Department

Our dedicated Corporate Team caters to the specific needs of our corporate clients.

Quality Policy

We aim to be one of the leading global money remittance companies.

We shall achieve this by providing prompt service through efficient and dedicated team, by continuous review and improvement of the quality management system including effective IT and Operations processes. We shall be committed to maintain market leadership through customer satisfaction of the highest level.

AML Policy

It is SpeedRemit policy to follow the spirit, as well as the letter of the law. We do not want money transfers and other financial services to be used for illegal purposes, and we will not do business with anyone who knowingly violates the local and international laws. SpeedRemit will not do business with those involved in money laundering or other criminal activities, but will only conduct business with individuals and entities involved in legitimate business activity. Nor will SpeedRemit do business with anyone who will not follow proper KYC procedures.

All transactions going through the SpeedRemit medium are screened against the OFAC SDN and HM Treasury Lists. Blocked and Rejected Transactions are reported and handled by SpeedRemit Compliance Department as per the AML/CFT guidelines from the Regulator and reported to the sending / receiving agent.


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