About Us

Speed Remit is a renowned international remittance Transfer Service that has been regulated by the HMRC and authorized by FCA under the PSD2 and that ensures the economical, safe, and Swift cross-border Transfer of funds to valuable clients globally, through API integrated solution/Web Based Application. The remittance transfer services made available to customers are cash over the counter, credit to their own bank account, and/or third-party bank credit. Enabling these services, the company has tie-up arrangements with various Banks and other FIs across the globe


We aim to ensure a long-term relationship with the customer by offering value for money and services and an equally rewarding business partnership. We also strive to ensure a working environment that promotes excellence towards more striving and empowered human resources.

Our Vision

To be one of the most preferred global money Transfer Companies by redefining convenience in speed, security, service, and innovation in global money transfer service. With the vision of ensuring quality service, we proudly stand out as the trusted remittance transfer service internationally with the following elements to be considered.

Things We Consider to Ensure Money Transfer Seamless

Easy Navigation

Considering the value of fast money transfers to recipients by senders, we always ensure the easy and safe process of sending money; hence, we work 24/7 to keep our platform easy to navigate for everyone. This is what keeps us growing as the trusted platform for people to send money to their loved ones.


We always have an edge over other remittance transfer services because our highly skilled team keeps transactions encrypted and that puts us at the top in the money transfer business globally.
Additionally, our IT professionals make no compromise on using all the latest security protocols to protect the receivers' and senders’ details.Our experienced cybersecurity professionals always keep up with the latest authentic security tools to keep the entire process of transactions highly secure.

Practical Exchange Rates

We also offer viable exchange rates that can significantly impact the amount received by the recipient and that also contribute to the growing trust people have in our platform. By offering competitive exchange rates, we strive to make money transfers beneficial for both sender and receiver which gives us an edge over other providers.

Reasonable Fee Structure

We also take pride in charging reasonable fees over money transfers globally and that also goes in our favor particularly when it comes to gaining people’s trust. We don’t believe in a one-off customer policy; hence, we charge a reasonable fee for letting customers make us their regular and trusted money transfer option.


Along with making transfer hassle-free on our platform, our professionals also make it fast knowing the importance of the recipient’s money requirement.. Our team stays vigilant to avoid delays in the transactions and this devotion turns us into a more practical service for remittance transfer.


We also have a wide network of agent locations or partner banks, both in the sender's and receiver's locations, to ensure accessibility for both parties.. In order to take accessibility to the next level, we are expanding in terms of agent locations to provide the nearest possible setting for both senders and receivers.


Given the commonness of smartphones, we have a mobile-responsive website and that also makes our platform a practical one to use for money transfer.Our professional IT team is always alert to fix bugs and let the website run smoothly on both Android and IOS devices.


Our valued customers have access to clear and transparent information about fees, exchange rates, and the total amount to be received by the recipient. It has already made us the constant companion for dozens of valued customers sending remittances regularly.

Customer Support

A responsive and helpful customer support team is what we always value; hence, you find our representative responsive to each query of a customer. We believe in complete assistance as we understand the sensitivity of money transfer matters for both senders and receivers; therefore, our professional representatives guide customers until they are satisfied completely.


We also have a remarkable track record of completing transfers ideally and on time. It also makes us stand out from the crowd in the reliability evaluation.With carrying on this aim, we take great measures on a regular basis to keep our services reliable and customer-responsive.

Transfer Limits

On our platform, customers also come across feasible transfer limits meeting their needs when it comes to transactions globally.In order to attract a large number of remitters, we offer transfer limits that put us at the top in the money transfer sector.

Reach Us through Email, Social media, or Phone and get your transaction done in a more hassle-free manner with trust.