How to Send Remittance to Sri Lanka from Australia

Hey! Congratulations on finally arriving in Australia with securing a job you have done massive hard work for back home in Sri Lanka. Honestly, you have a long way to go in your career and the smart expat is the one who gets things in order right from the beginning particularly in Australia. One of the biggest challenges that you might come across while being a Sri Lankan foreign worker is to find a reliable channel to send money to Sri Lanka from Australia. Yes, the bank’s option is there to send remittances but honestly, it won’t let your family get money as fast as the money transfer companies do.

Moreover, a bunch of companies in the market have created healthy competition, and everyone strives to attract customers with sensible exchange rates along with ease of sending money from any gadget you use. Additionally, all the money transfer companies “providing money transfer services to Sri Lankan expats in Australia” strive to supersede each other in terms of offering reasonable fees to send money to Sri Lanka from Australia. Furthermore, there are dozens of things to gauge before acquiring the services of any remittance transfer provider to send money to Sri Lanka from Australia but the foremost one is the ease of login and seamless manner of adding the receiver's details. Yes, it is also very important that the intended company you are about to go with has a huge global expansion and that also indicates authenticity; thus people trust it more.

Most Common Mistakes Sri Lankan Settlers Make While Sending Money from Australia to Sri Lanka

Not Examining Different Exchange Rates: Failing to compare exchange rates offered by different money transfer providers can result in receiving less money in the recipient's currency. Exchange rates can vary significantly between providers, so it's crucial to choose one that offers a favorable rate.

Not bother to know the Transfer Fees: Some money transfer services charge fees for their services, while others offer fee-free transfers. Not considering these fees can lead to unexpected costs while sending money to Sri Lanka from Australia. Always check and compare the fees associated with your chosen transfer method.

Providing Wrong Recipient Details: Incorrect recipient details, such as the recipient's name, bank account number, or address, can cause delays or even result in the funds being sent to the wrong person. Double-check all recipient information before initiating the transfer.

Using Unsafe or Unreliable Services: Using unsecured or unverified money transfer services can put your financial information at risk. Stick to reputable and well-established transfer providers to ensure the security of your transaction when you send money to Sri Lanka from Australia. It helps you to make the entire process of sending money much more hassle-free.

Not Valuing Transfer Time: Some transfer methods are faster than others. If you need to send money urgently, failing to consider the transfer time can result in delays. Ensure that the chosen method aligns with your timeline.

Ignoring Money Transfer Limits: Different providers may have varying limits on the amount of money you can send in a single transaction. Make sure to check these limits and choose a provider that accommodates your transfer amount.

Not Factoring in Currency Conversion: If you're sending money in a currency different from that of the recipient, you'll likely encounter currency conversion fees when it comes to sending money to Sri Lanka from Australia. Be aware of these fees and their impact on the total amount the recipient will receive.

Overlooking Documentation: Some transfers may require additional documentation, such as proof of identity or the purpose of the transaction. Neglecting to provide the necessary documentation can result in delays or complications.

Major Factors to Know Before Sending Money to Sri Lanka from Australia:

Exchange Rates: Pay attention to the exchange rate offered by your chosen money transfer service or bank. Exchange rates can fluctuate, and getting a favorable rate can significantly impact the amount the recipient receives in Sri Lankan rupees. Therefore, you should be careful to examine different exchange rates when opting to send money to Sri Lanka from Australia.

Transfer Fees: Different providers may charge varying fees for their services. Some services offer fee-free transfers, while others may have fixed or percentage-based fees. Compare these fees to choose a cost-effective option.

Transfer Methods:

Bank Transfers: You can send money through an international wire transfer from your Australian bank account to a Sri Lankan bank account. This method is secure but may involve fees.

Money Transfer Services: Consider using well-known services for quick cash pickups in Sri Lanka and let your family bear household expenses seamlessly every month.

Online Transfer Services: There is also an abundance of online transfer providers offering competitive exchange rates and low fees if it is to send money to Sri Lanka from Australia. You can transfer money directly to a Sri Lankan bank account.


Following are also the Must-Know Details for Sending Money to Sri Lanka from Australia:

Recipient Information: Ensure you have accurate recipient information, including the recipient's full name, bank account number, and the bank's SWIFT/BIC code (for bank transfers). Mistakes in recipient details can cause delays or issues.

Transfer Speed: Different methods offer varying transfer speeds. If the transfer is time-sensitive, choose a method that guarantees a quicker delivery time.

Transfer Limits: Be aware of any transfer limits imposed by your chosen provider. Some providers may have daily, weekly, or monthly limits on the amount you can send.

Documentation: Some transfers may require additional documentation, such as proof of identity or the purpose of the transaction; hence, you should be careful while sending money to Sri Lanka from Australia. Prepare and submit any necessary documents to avoid delays.

Security: Choose reputable and secure money transfer services to protect your financial information. Look for providers that use encryption and adhere to regulatory standards.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that your chosen provider complies with all relevant regulations and licensing requirements. This ensures the legitimacy of the service and provides you with recourse in case of issues.

Hidden Costs: Carefully review the terms and conditions of the transfer to check for any hidden costs or unexpected charges.

Customer Support: Opt for providers with accessible customer support in case you need assistance or encounter issues during the transfer process.

Tracking and Confirmation: Many money transfer services provide tracking options and confirmation notifications. These can help you stay informed about the progress of your transfer while sending money to Sri Lanka from Australia.

Alternative Payment Methods: Consider alternative payment options such as PayPal or cryptocurrencies if they offer better rates or convenience for your specific transfer.

Record-Keeping: Keep records of the transaction, including receipts, reference or confirmation numbers, and any communication with the provider. This documentation can be valuable in case of disputes or inquiries.


Wrapping It Up

Having gone through the entire process of sending money to Sri Lanka from Australia, you definitely don’t come across any issues but still, you have to be wise enough while sending a remittance to Sri Lanka from Australia.

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